If you’re looking to plan your next big bash, then now is probably the right time to get onto a task that can be quite a treat for you and your fellow planners. 

Look no further than these great birthday ideas and birthday venues Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane and Perth.  No matter where you are in Australia you can make your next birthday party a celebration to remember. Whether it’s your 19th or 90th, each year marks an important step in your journey to make sure every milestone is commemorated.  

Pick the Perfect Venue  

Location, location, location! It’s not a real estate cliche for nothing. The venue could make or break your function, so make sure you chose carefully.  For the more elegant and refined among us, a hotel is a great safe bet.  You won’t have to worry about hiring all the necessities and the bother of cleaning up afterwards. You know they have an existing team of highly-trained professionals and the necessary infrastructure to cater to large numbers of guests. Lucky for you, Australia has some of the best hotels in the world, like Hotel Richmond.  Make sure you visit them here to ensure your hosts can accommodate you on your particular date and for the right number of guests.  

Pick a Theme  

Themed-parties are back in fashion and you don’t have to be eight years old to enjoy them. Everyone loves an excuse to dress up, so why only do it once a year at Halloween?  The possibilities for themes end only at the limits of your imagination.  You could keep your theme current and have your guests dress as their favourite Game of Thrones or Stranger Things characters. You could also take your theme back a few decades and throwback to the birthday parties of your childhood with a Simpsons, Power Rangers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme.  

Party Like a Rockstar  

You could also let the theme dictate the playlist with a theme specific to a music genre or decade. Whether it’s 90s Pop Icons, Disco Divas or 80s Power Ballads, the music will go a long way to set the right mood. Costumes for these themes are also easy to throw together with bits and pieces from your wardrobe. A plaid shirt and ripped jeans are perfect for a 90s grunge theme, while a boho skirt and beads will have you ready for a groovy 60s hippy theme.  

Do Some Good  

Nothing is more rewarding than helping those in need. Why not bring your friends and family together to celebrate your birthday by spreading the love and enriching your community.  Most non-profit organisations are always in need of volunteers so why not call your local community centre to see if they could use a few extra pair of hands.  Another great idea is walking and playing with rescue dogs at your local shelter. The one-on-one time with people helps socialise them and get them ready to be adopted. You could also get your pals together to clean up your local beach or park and enjoy a well-deserved picnic after – just make sure you pick up any litter when you’re done!