It would be an understatement to say that the Internet has taken our lives by storm, and imagining to work without the internet is difficult. Whether it is a multinational organization or a startup, a leading international brand or a niche personalized product, an ecommerce business or a blog, all have a presence online and benefit from it. The recent quarter sales figures also cement the fact that businesses with online presence are benefitting from it. All this points to the simple fact- if you want to make your presence felt online you need to have a website.

Creating a website

Creating a website is a simple and easy-to-understand process thanks to WordPress. It is one of the renowned content management systems and provides number of themes and plugins to choose from thus allowing users the flexibility as well as creativity to create their website as per their choice and requirements. Additionally, WordPress is a reliable platform based on MySQL and PHP, which are lightweight scripts.

Hosting the website

Creating a website is just step one in making your online presence felt. The main part is to actually host your website onto the World Wide Web. Imagine a site that takes ages to load, is slow or down most of the times. Would such a website create a positive image for your business or for you? Thus, wordpress hosting is a vital step to success in the online domain.

Requirements for hosting

The basic requirements which are a must for hosting a WordPress site are

  • A version of MySQL that is either 5.0 or greater.
  • A version of PHP that is 5.2.4 or greater.

These are vital and basic requirements that must be and usually are met by most host providers. However, apart from these the hosting environments must provide –

  • Faster speed

Speed of the website is essential to engage the attention of those visiting it.

  • Zero or less duration of downtime

With greater speed, a zero or negligible frequency of downtime is equally important for the website to serve its purpose.

  • Improved search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO helps you and your business get noticed in the sea of numerous websites and pages. Thus, it helps to look for a host that improves the SEO.

  • Increased flexibility

Flexibility is another factor to be considered while choosing a host. A flexible host must, for instance, allow adding features easily to the site or other changes or updates.

Additional services provided by the host

Apart from above basic services and features provided by the hosting company, wouldn’t it be great if you could find a host providing additional services? These could include

  • Handling periodic backups
  • Taking care of regular updates
  • Addressing issues related to maintenance
  • Conducting regular security scans
  • Overall, handling optimization of the website for you

Now, you have an idea as to what are the basic requirements for hosting your WordPress page. Also, you are now aware of the additional services you must look out for while choosing a reliable host provider. Thus, you have nailed the trick to a successful web page and impactful online presence by keeping the above list in mind while choosing a host.

Image Source : HA – WordPress