Throughout our childhood and with access to mass media as we do today, we would have come to know the joys of playing in a jumping castle at some time or another. Watching them on TV you see the true, raw enthusiasm and excitement radiating from the children when they are shown playing in them and having a great time with their friends. Usually at some sort of backyard bash or birthday party where the family is around and arranging a BBQ while the children are playing and the parents are all together catching up, whilst keeping an eye on the kids. All of us were once children as well and we experienced what it is like first hand to have a jumping castle hired. What they don’t tell you in the movies is how tired you get when playing in them, it gets pretty hot in there at times! You bounce the day away, heart racing, bumping into other children and then beginning to play fight before your parents call you back and tell you that you have 10 more minutes, after which you bounce harder than all the other kids in order to go out with the biggest bang as you don’t know when you will get a chance again. You go home and your legs are sore, you are tired, but, it was worth it!

Footy Jumping Castles is a company which deals in all sort of  jumping castle hire Castle Hill and the neighbouring areas. They provide you with the best quality jumping castles which are meant to be able to deal with the weight of the children bouncing in them. They are meant to be as durable as possible, as it is understood that children are playing in them, therefore, it is understood that they could try and mess around with things. However, this is rarely the case and the castles are usually kept erect in most cases unless there is some sort of foul play.

Since you are hiring one of the jumping castles in Castle Hill anyway and are probably going all out for your children’s party, we suggest that you get a castle based on what their interests are. Based on their age you can decide on which one of the many jumping castles will be the best for the party. Do they like sport? If yes, great news! Footy Jumping Castles has a range of castles to choose from, which have several sports-related themes, which would be great for the soccer lovers out there. Other than that, if you can’t pick a castle for them, based on their interests, consider going in for Sparky the Eel which is an obstacle course, allowing children to run through it, set times and challenge each other with some healthy competition!

The company also offers a party event management facility, which means that not only will they be providing the jumping castle, but if you choose, you can hire a host which will conduct the party and make sure the kids are left satisfied and entertained by the time they leave for home with their parents. Moreover, they also offer food and drinks in the form of hot dog machines and slushy machines, which are perfect to beat that summer heat and keep the kids going with a little bit of a sugar rush. The host will provide all sorts of entertainment for the children, as it is understood that it is difficult for the parents to keep all those children occupied for so long.

So, you can definitely consider Footy Jumping Castles for your next children’s party event and throw them the party which they deserve. Not only will this be great for the children, in terms of health and excitement but can also be great for the parents as it makes it all the more easier to keep an eye on the little ones! If you are interested in reading more about the company and the services they offer, we suggest that you go over to their website and read about everything which they are offering in detail so that you can budget accordingly. Click on the link to be transferred directly to Footy Jumping Castles’ website. Have a great party!