You don’t have to be a big footy fan to be caught up in footy fever here in Melbourne during the footy season because nowhere in this country is this sport more well-loved and worshipped than in Victoria. The Victorians eat, sleep and breathe footy. In fact, Victorians love their footy so much that a new public holiday was created this year especially for the AFL Grand Final for the simple reason that everyone can watch the footy grand final with family and friends.

This makes it the second public holiday in Victoria dedicated to a sport (the first being the Melbourne Cup horse race). The AFL Grand Final public holiday is a good idea because if it was a regular work day, production at work would probably stop as many people would chuck a sickie just to stay home to watch this national sport. Watching the footy each time, it’s hard not to feel the pain of some of the players when they are knocked to the ground. Most bounce right up and continue with the game. A few have had to be taken off the field to be treated by a sports physiotherapist or massage therapist. These therapists use massage and know how to help athletes recover from injuries and prevent injuries. However, not everyone who has similar injuries can afford such special treatment from these professionals though, so most would get what is considered the next best thing: a massage chair.

What are the benefits of massage?

According to Mayo Clinic, massage is great for general health because it helps reduce 1) stress and anxiety; 2) muscle tension and pain; 3) headaches; 4) digestive disorders 5) fibromyalgia; 6) insomnia caused by stress; 7) myofascial pain syndrome; 8) nerve and paresthesias pain; 9) soft tissue strains and injuries; and 10) temporomandibular joint pain. For athletes, therapeutic massage can also help them recover from muscular and sports injuries; control fatigue, improve their performance and endurance; and prevent or reduce sports injuries.

Can a massage chair provide a professional massage?

Yes, for a fraction of the cost. Today’s generation of massage chairs is not like the old one-size-fits-all massage chairs. The new massage chairs can 1) detect body shape, scan the user’s spine length and adjust accordingly to achieve the best massage position; 2) massage the entire back with long massage strokes; 3) provide continuous airflow and ample air pressure to simulate a professional massage; 4) massage the palm to improve blood circulation; 5) massage the hand to relieve numbness and improve elasticity of vessels; 6) massage the back using quad rollers and air pressure for different types of massage movement (e.g. shiatsu which involves application of pressure on specific pressure points on the body; kneading which involves the rhythmic grasping and lifting of muscle tissue which is great for muscle aches caused by overwork; tapping which is good for stimulating blood circulation and removing stiffness; knocking which involves short and smooth knocks which is very refreshing and improves  blood circulation; or a combination of these for different parts of the body).

The new massage chairs also come with automatic massage programs that are designed to give the user the same sort of massages he/she would get from a professional massage therapist. These programs include whole body massage; night time massage that uses soft massage strokes for people who are very exhausted and need a rest; neck and shoulder massage; waist and hip massage to relieve soreness in the back, waist and hip area. These massage chairs are covered in synthetic leather which lasts longer then real leather, is easier to maintain and provides a luxurious feel. The massage chairs are equipped with a European safe motor design with a low voltage to reduce noise and provide a more comfortable massage experience.

According to WebMD, physical touch is important for people’s well-being. If the touch is in the form of a massage it can help people relax, reduce stress and feel better. Therefore, it is not surprising that massage has so many physical and psychological benefits. A proper massage chair can provide the same sort of benefits as a massage from a professional massage therapist. Imagine owning such a massage chair in the comfort of your own home where everyone in the household can use it at any time he/she wants a massage.