Amongst the various factors at play affecting cafe profitability, arguably the most important may be ambience, which affects customer perceptions on responsiveness – most importantly the likelihood that they will return and recommend the establishment to friends and family. Thus, key to ensuring the absolute best customer experience is creating the right atmosphere to ensure a memorable dining experience. In creating the perfect dining experience, the most important role may arguably be said to be played by the furniture and decor which, customised according to the cafe concept, adds individuality and uniqueness. Furniture and decor further lay the outline for the selection of other embellishments necessary to complete the cafe experience, such as music and lighting.

With cafe and bar scenes in Melbourne growing increasingly competitive, owing to the rapid increase in the number of such establishments, creating a unique concept remains integral to developing a one of a kind dining experience. Such conceptualisation more often than not requires customised furniture, uniquely designed to fit the theme.  

However, finding the right company to bring your dream cafe to life may be harrowing task. JND Timber and Steel, however, is a trusted name that aims to provide customised furniture for cafes Melbourne. The company specialises in cafe barriers, which are absolutely necessary for that cosy yet chic outdoor setting perfect for those Melbourne evenings. Further additions may be the Uber chic and highly popular bench style settings, designed with both quality timber and steel effortlessly melding together both contemporary and rustic styles. The benches thus remain the perfect complement to the cafe barriers. The designs offered are sleek and compact, yet lend the perfect touch of comfort and homeliness owing to the use of wooden panels.

To add a much needed touch of nature, the company also provides planter boxes on wheels, once more combining beauty with practicality. To complete the whole look, bar stools made from grade-A timber may be strategically placed with the tables, tying together the whole setting.  

All products used in the manufacturing of the furniture are sourced locally, thus not only ensuring premium quality which may be hard to find elsewhere, but also ensuring that local businesses are supported.

Grade – A timber is used in the making of all the wooden furniture. Furthermore, the products are designed for maximum longevity, come rain or shine, owing to the usage of high quality materials and excellent Australian craftsmanship. The best part is that the company aims to provide furniture to complement the specific theme of your cafe. So, be it a cosy, rustic look that you want or a sleek, elegant atmosphere, JND Timber and Steel is the place to be! You may also rest assured that your products have been crafted under the finest craftsmanship, as the company employs staff which has been closely trained and is greatly experienced.  

While providing premium service, the company also boasts competitive prices thus there’s a chance that you may find the perfect piece of furniture to tie together your Melbourne cafe to be an absolute steal! The furniture for café in Melbourne may be used for various purposes, both indoors and outdoors.
For product range, you can visit the website or have a direct contact for an array of furniture is available for selection, including the previously discussed tables and benches, as well as other products provided by this company. Alongside the items discussed, the online store provides fences and pedestrian gates.

Therefore, to make the cafe you always dreamed of a reality, pick out a few pieces from JND’s vast collection today. Consultants from the company are also available to help you decide what you may need, should you find yourself unable to pick.

The company boasts delivery in 2-3 weeks thus making it quick and efficient. Customers also testify to the great service being provided thus you may rest assured that you are in safe hands.