If you are having familial conflicts, then they can always be difficult to bear with. Seeing someone you once had a strong bond with slipping away can be mentally draining. However, not every relationship can be saved and if it has come to the point that you now require a divorce, then this is another major step that is going to further make you feel exhausted. One of the biggest problems with divorce is not only the fact that you have to come to terms that you will bid farewell to a major part of your life, but also the complications which come along with it. People who do not have knowledge regarding the family law often struggle when it comes to divorce because of the abundance of paperwork they are thrown upon. 

This is where professional divorce lawyers come in. When you have an expert divorce lawyer based in Perth by your side to assist you, then you can at least make half of the process much easier. You would not have to rile yourself up in paperwork and spend hours and hours figuring out the complications behind it. If you are unsure when you should consult a professional divorce lawyer, then in this article we will guide you by discussing a couple of signs. 

Final Decision 

Divorce is always a big step and people often try to save their relationship by openly communicating as a final resort. One of the main reasons why divorce can be so complicated is not only due to the fact that you have to bid farewell to someone you spent a great portion of your time with, but also due to all of the other matters that come along with it such as child custody and assets. Family law can be confusing for a person who does not have any prior experience dealing with it. Therefore, it is best that you consult a lawyer who specialises in family law and divorce, especially if you plan on proceeding with this major step. 

Child Custody 

As we mentioned that the biggest complications which comes along with divorce is who will get custody of the children. Every country has their own laws regarding child custody, so it is difficult to determine who will get the child custody especially if you do not know much about family law. This is where divorce lawyers come in. They know each and every aspect regarding the law and they can provide you with a clear answer given on the circumstances that who has the higher chance of getting child custody. Moreover, a divorce lawyer may also solidify your case and further assist you to turn the odds in your favour by getting you the custody for your children. 

Threats and Abuse 

If your partner is constantly threatening and abusing you whether it is mentally or physically, it is important that you do not consider yourself alone. In fact, consulting a family law specialist becomes a must under these circumstances. If your partner is saying that you would not get anything from the assets or you will not be able to even come close to your children, then do not get intimidated by their threats. The chances are that all you need is to get in touch with a family law professional. They would know better on how to react to the situation and let you explore the options you have available. So if it is especially the case where threats and abuse is involved, do not back down and hesitate even for a second and consult a family law specialist whenever you can. 


With that being said, filing for a divorce can still be a time consuming and long process. If these are some of the signs that you see and you are unsure whether you should file a divorce, then it is always worth sitting and discussing things with a professional divorce lawyer so they can provide you with the guidance on how you can proceed with the situation. Moreover, a divorce lawyer is also going to help in making the situation easier for you by taking care of the difficult paperwork along with all the aspects that may be difficult for you to comprehend.