Astigmatism is an eye defect. In this eye defect curvature or lens of the eye become blurred for near and distant vision. Astigmatism eye defect patients cannot see things. Astigmatism patients feel difficulty to see in distant things, while some feel difficulty in seeing near things. This is the most common eye disorder in people among young and old people. Most of the time use of a digital screen for a long time causes this damage.  

Types of Astigmatism: 

Myopic astigmatism: 

The most common type of eye disorder is myopic astigmatism. In this type of disorder, the eye cannot see things. Blurred eye disorder and continuous headaches are also common symptoms of this eye defect. In this eye defect, discomfort and difficulty in night vision is also a common thing. This is common among children and older. 

Hyperopic astigmatism: 

In this eye defect, a person cannot distant things. The fuzzy eye vision, blurred eyes, headache, and discomfort in seeing something is the most common thing. This disorder is caused by a highly used screen. This is the most common eye disorder and most of the time youngsters, teenagers, and children are suffered from this eye disorder.  

What causes eye astigmatism? 

  • Eye disorder like astigmatism is most commonly found in people by birth. Most people are suffered from this eye defect by birth and as the age grow sometimes this problem become worse than birth.  
  • The other main reason for astigmatism is a genetic disorder. Most people have eye problems from the family side. They include eye astigmatism from time of birth or as the age grow this problem start developing in the genetically affected person. 
  • Reading in low and dim light and also using a television screen for several hours cause eye defects. People who work at a computer and using mobile phones frequently also suffer from this eye defect.  This disease is most commonly found in all aged people.  Nearsightedness and farsightedness are two eye defects commonly found in people.  

Tips to improve eyesight: 

Using a mobile or other digital screen for a long time can cause eye defect problems. Most of the doctors recommend using fewer screens for better vision. Moreover, it is also recommended that use carrot and other healthy food for better vision of the eye. Some doctors advise creating an eye-friendly environment for better vision. Smoking and less sleep also cause eyesight problems. Make sure to make healthy food and enough sleep for a better vision of the eye. 

 Use of astigmatism TORIC lens: 

Nearsightedness and farsightedness are two disorders of the eye. Astigmatism TORIC lens is used in both cases. This lens is used to correct the astigmatism issue. This lens is used to make eye sightedness correct. Most of the time eye sightedness defect occurs due to curvature, cornea, or retina problem. Astigmatism toric lens helps to reduce or eliminate the astigmatism issue during surgery. Whether a person has blurred eyes for far vision or blurred eye for near vision, this lens is successfully eliminated both kinds of eye-related problems. 

Cataract surgery for correct astigmatism: 

To make the cornea sphere during cataract surgery for astigmatism is usedIn this surgery, an arc is made near the corner of the eye. This arc has one or two in number. Cataract surgery for astigmatism is used to eliminate eye defects. This surgery cornea of the eye reshaped to eliminate the astigmatism problem. This surgery is most commonly used by people to reduce the cornea p a successful process to correct the cornea defect Problem. Some folks prefer this surgery to get rid of glasses.  

Few cases when cataract surgery is avoided: 

Cataract surgery for astigmatism must avoid in few cases. Firstly, make sure the surgery is doing with all safety measures. Some hospitals and doctors use clumsy tactics to improve the vision of the eye. Ask the doctor about the right time of surgery. If we don’t choose the right time for Cataract surgery for astigmatism, then the consequences can be dangerous. To make surgery more effective choose the right doctor and then time to time discuss eye condition with the doctor for finding the right time for surgery.  The eye is a gift of nature and it needs care for better performance. Furthermore, some precautions can reduce eye related problems, and some food increases the efficiency of eye vision. So, love your eyes and take care of them.