At some point or another, there are mothers who will require introducing bottle to feed their little one. Eventually, a time will come when it would not be possible for you to breastfeed your baby all the time. Many mums have to resume their office work or some need to separate their babies from breastfeeding due to date nights or holidays.  

Whatever be the case, we have listed below a few effective and handy tips for bottle feeding to make the process easy for you. Let us know more about it: 

Do not rush it 

There are several organizations that suggest that you should wait for a few weeks before you finally start with something other than personally breastfeeding your baby. Especially, when you are introducing a bottle or a pacifier, you need to be very careful. It is one of the major bottle feeding tips that a mum should keep in mind. The reason behind this is a newborn is in the learning process of breastfeeding to bottle feeding. This is why confusing the baby with something new apart from the breast would not be a good option.  

It’s noticed that there are so many parents who get anxious when their baby refuse the bottle. But the fact is, so many babies who are introduced to bottles before six months, eventually accept it. Hence there is nothing to get bothered or anxious about. This is why do not be in a rush to introduce it. You could start a few weeks before the time you feel that you would have to eventually start with the bottle-feeding process.  

The bottle does not come with additional powers  

Many companies out there claim that they provide you with the best feeding bottle for your baby. This would be due to the nipple which resembles closest to the breast. But the fact here is, the best one would be the one, which your baby is willing to take. This is why, keep this in mind and only then start to stack up some bottles. Always remember that breastfed babies must not be fed with a lot of milk at a single point of time. You should buy one at a time, and notice how it goes.  

You need to step outside the bottle  

There are times when a few babies would not at all want to be fed through bottles. At this point of time, you would have to think outside the box aka bottle. There are so many people who use alternative techniques, such as feed through spoons, syringe, little cups and droppers, and they amazingly work for babies. At times, babies would start through these techniques of feeding and then eventually transit to bottles. On the other hand, others would love to be cup fed, all throughout!  

Staying low key is always good 

Feeding from your breast and the other through the bottle are two different things altogether, when it comes to babies. Remember, both have a different sucking mechanism. When you start to ride a bike, the learning or the starting process would be tough for many. But, gradually you get the hang of it, right?  

This is why even the same rule applies for a baby. The baby is starting to be fed in a completely different way, rather a new method. Do not wait until the point when your baby is starving and is wailing with hunger. Hold the bottle as close to the lips. After this point, start to feed the baby through the nipple, slowly. Do not force it inside the baby’s mouth. Do talk with the baby. Also, ensure that you keep eye contact. If it does not at the first go, keep doing it for some time. After sometime, as in most cases, the baby will learn how to suck through a feeding bottle.