There are various parts and components which help in forming a complete picture of any kind of a building, house or any other such structure. Each and every part is important in its own way and has certain function to fulfil. Let us take an instance of a door; door can be counted as one of the most under rated constituent of any structure. It not only provides you privacy but is also a means of protections. Similar is the case with windows, they are one such bit of a house that a whole room looks incomplete without the presence of a window. A room without a window is like an enclosed box which will make you feel claustrophobic. We have been provided with many different designs and styles of windows. Shutters are one such kind of components which have triggered a huge stir among the people because they can be used as window as well as door. In this article, we will be discussing about the different kinds of plantation shutters available in central coast and Newcastle. 

Plantation shutters: 

Everybody has somewhat of an idea regarding shutters which are composed of number of horizontal rails that are stacked upon one another on equal distances like a louver and are bound together by the strong vertical bars. Plantation shutters based in Central Coast are the modification of regular shutters, they also constitute of horizontal and vertical slits but with little modification. Let us begin with their name, they are named as such because the wood that is used in the composition of plantation shutters is taken from the areas where coffee and other such plants are grown hence the name plantation shutters. Even though there are other kinds of plantation shutters as well besides that of timber or wood but the name has been originated from the previously mentioned fact. 

Plantation shutters are composed of multiple horizontal slits that give the impression of louvers and are held on their place by binding them with vertical bars from both the ends. These plantation shutters open outward and inward like doors instead of the traditional shutters which used to open and close like blinds. Plantation shutters require minimum amount of maintenance and are quite long lasting. They present beautiful aesthetic appeal and can be used insides and well as outside the house or any other building. 

Different kinds of plantation shutters available in central coast: 

Central coast is a mesmerising area which is situated in Australia and is surely an eye catching spot. There are different types of plantation shutters that can be installed in buildings and houses that are situated in central coast Australia. These shutters not only allow the fresh air to pass through them but also enable the person to view the perfect scenery. There are aluminium plantation shutters which are best for the external use. You can install them in your balconies. Then there are polysatin plantation shutters which are an ideal type for both internal as well as for external use, they give a modern look to your space. Roller shutters are another such type of plantation shutters with slightly different functions or we can say addition functions. Roller shutters do not allow extreme noises to pass through and is also good for protection purposes. 

Plantation shutters in Newcastle: 

Newcastle is another such area of Australia which is equally beautiful and extraordinary place to live or to spend your vacations. There are number of beaches and presents an amazing sight. People want to keep staring at these sights and keep feeling the refreshing air at the same time. This can be done by installing plantation shutters which not only allows the light and air to pass through but also enables you to look at the scenic beauty. 


Window shutters are the combination of horizontal slits and vertical bars. Obviously, the number of horizontal slits in shutters overrules the vertical bars. Vertical bars are basically med to keep the horizontal slits intact. Plantation shutters are open and close inwards and outwards like doors. There are many different types of plantation shutters that are best suited to be installed in central coast, new castle or any other such beautiful area. “Mal Glanville” offers the best quality of plantation shutters in central coast and new castle.