Eyes are a gift so is vision. With best eyes, you can see the beauty of the universe. This world is full of possibilities and marvelous. Eyes are the mirror to souls. Eyes hold the secrets. They reflect your personality and whole mood. Eyes must not be comprised. You may have money but can’t buy vision. To see clearly and shun the ambiguity, one needs to see clearly and here we help the patients to experience the best. 

Those who can see, rejoice themselves. There are a lot of eye-related issues. When you face any issue, you think to consult a doctor. If you are looking for any specialist in Melbourne and Sydney, then New Vision Contact is serving the purpose. By understanding eyesight as the chiefly precious gift and we undertake the patient. Trust us to get your cataract surgery in Windsor. We claimed to provide thousand of outstanding clinical performances. Keep your head in peace and enjoy the journey knowing that you are in the safe hands.  

The experienced staff 

We offer a wider range of vision services with the best state- art technology along with super professionals with breadth knowledge to understand your issue. If you are looking for a smart choice to choose your surgery, we are the highest possible option. With tremendous screening, advanced equipment, and best technology, worldly Known globally best eye surgeon and promisingly dedicated staff are at the services to offer the prime results. The staff holds the degrees in their respective fields, they have the experience to carry on the surgeries. From minor to major surgeries we take claim to offer top-class services. We offer treatment options; you may select one after consulting the specialist. The treatment is based on your problem. 

You can require online and have an idea about costs and treatment plans. We take pride in having the best technology. These days the use of technology is a must to get the best results. The contact details are there. You can book the surgery slot online. Get in touch with the team for the availability of an immediate slot. 

The nitty-gritty of the treatment 

The screening and the surgery are performed by experienced hands. There’s no need to get worried, just relax a little and trust the best with your rest. 

The known professionals of Melbourne 

We claim to entertain you with a qualified ophthalmologist. Claiming the best laser eye surgery in st kilda along with LAISK, and modern PRK techniques. The prime focus and core values are to offer the best surgery with the main interest in astigmatism. Take a breath, because you are at a professional clinic in Australia. 

Know-how of case 

Our whole website supports the understanding of those problems. We believe that the patient must know the details of how the treatment goes on. This understanding will give him satisfaction and clarity. The whole detail is provided there. If after the given details any ambiguity left: get in touch with the dedicated team of professionals. They will happily and thoroughly provide you with the complete details of the matter. 

The laser eye surgery 

It’s a medical procedure that uses laser light, in place of a scalpel for tissue removal. In this treatment laser emits the wavelength that’s not painful that hits the microscopic level of the cornea. Removing all the refractive errors 

Excimer laser 

That’s a type of laser that is cool. Upon striking, it vaporises the tissues with a beam of pulses laser on the eye surface. The wavelength and the diameter plus time is mindfully controlled. The time taken in this type is less than a minute but in other cases, after using anaesthesia drops it takes 5-10 mins. 

Along with these options few others are also available: 


In LASIK,  a thin flap of corneal tissues is generated and gently folded in excimer to reshape all underlying tissues. While in earlier one, using excimer laser the outer thin cover of the cornea is significantly brushed away. 

Explore and book 

Either look for the availability, just go through the website and get to know about treatment options, then consult the best. Eyes are a very sensitive yet significant part. Money shouldn’t be prioritized over it. The right treatment must be sought, to get desired outcomes.