If you’re embarking on a healthy eating plan that might mean your body ends up lacking in certain vitamins and nutrients, supplements are a great way of getting exactly what you need and avoiding putting your body at risk of getting ill or weak. While some people are dubious about taking certain supplements since they believe it’s better to get it from the natural sources, there are many benefits to taking extra supplements too. Here are some of the main advantages that you should consider if you’re lacking certain nutrients.  

They’re useful if you have a health condition 

It’s not always possible to get everything that you need from a good healthy balanced diet, and if you have a health condition such as anaemia, you’ll struggle to get as much iron as you need even if you’re eating a diet rich in iron. If your doctor informs you that you have a certain condition which means that your body is lacking a certain nutrient or needs something extra, ask them to recommend supplements that you can take on a regular basis in order to boost your intake.  

You might need them if you’re working out a lot  

People who have intense workout regimes might need to take supplements to ensure that they are strong and healthy enough to continue with their regular exercise routine. Some CrossFit supplements will provide your body with iron, Omega 3 and many other beneficial vitamins and minerals that will help your body not only during workout sessions but outside of the gym too.  

You can try multi-vitamins to make things even easier 

If you find that you need a lot of different supplements and vitamins, you can combine them by trying out multi-vitamin tablets. These will generally contain a small amount of various different vitamins that your body needs. These are ideal if you are lacking several vitamins rather than just one or two.  

It’s easier to focus on what you need 

If your body is only lacking one or two different vitamins, you only need to take supplements for these ones. You don’t need to take pills and tablets for every vitamin, since you might be getting Vitamin C from eating plenty of oranges and other fruit, for example. However, if your body is significantly lacking in iron, you can take iron tablets or liquid iron that can help with this. Similarly, you can take Vitamin B12 tablets if you are lacking this particular vitamin.  

You could end up feeling much healthier  

People who haven’t been taking the vitamins that they need, or haven’t been getting them from a naturally healthy diet could find that they feel much healthier one they begin to take supplements. This means that you may end up having a good boost to your health when you first start taking them, and you will hopefully notice great benefits from then on. If you have any concerns about the supplements you’re taking or you become pregnant or develop a new health condition, speak to your doctor.